May 13, 2012

Treatment For Reducing Excessive Sweat on Your Body

Sweating is a big problem for people who suffer from Excessive Sweating also called Hyperhidrosis. In this instance its sufferers get more sweat on their body. So this is a very bad disease and you need to minimize that excessive sweating since currently there are no any forever cure treatment.

Sweating is a liquid which come out of the body, when the body temperature rises. After sweat comes out of the person. body needs to be cool, but in this case body doesn't going to cool, but more hot. This sweat includes Water, Urea and some other chemicals.

Excessive Sweat sufferers face very bad troubles because of this disease. I know how it feels, because I'm also a sufferer of this damn disease. I can't be cool, when in the bus and in the classroom also. I know you also feel the same. Try this treatment to minimize the effect of Excessive Sweating on you. In my experience I feel this treatment works well. But using only this treatment will not give much results quickly.

This is the first treatment I mention in this blog and it works fine for me. So definitely you too. The treatment is Drinking at least 3Litres of Water. Treatment is very simple and you drink water everyday. But not like this amount. Don't take it simple about this treatment it works well.

How This Works Well..?

This is how Drinking much Water help to reduce Excessive Sweating. Water is a good purification liquid which purify our body from impurities like viruses, bacteria and other disease causing impurities. So if body has more water regulating in, then water will purify more impurities. Sweat contains urea also, Urea is an impurity in our body. Therefore water purify urea too. Then one thing reduce in your body and that cause less sweat.

Another way is, Urine contains urea. So when you drink more water, it causes you to pass Urine. So that when you pass urine it contains urea too, then one substance is less for sweating and it causes to less sweat. One thing here, When you pass urine, you may feel sweat come out. Yeah it happens for me. So just before you go to pass urine drink another glass of water.

Drinking water is not a harmful thing unless you drink 10litres or something per day. Water helps to cure cancers too. So it helps to reduce Excessive Sweating also.

Disadvantages of this Treatment

The main disadvantage of this treatment is when you drink more water, it definitely lead you to pass urine anyhow. If not you will start sweating again to leave that urea and water. The only disadvantage of this treatment is this one. You can't pass urine every time you want. Because you may be traveling in a bus which don't has a toilet, or you may be in a class or you may be in a place where there is not a toilet. But this treatment helps to cure many diseases and minimize Excessive Sweating.

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